VA-Best Of Sk Pro Records Collection-SK0236-WEB-2017-PITY

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Artist:Baron Destroy
Title of Album:Best Of Sk.Pro-Records Collection
Year of Release:2017
Total Time:1 hour and 36 minutes
Bitrate:320 Kbps
Total Size:219.81 MB

#Song TitleArtistTime
01Melbourne Sax (Original Mix)Raul Desid4:19
02A Little Spicy (Original Mix)Radik5:10
03Accommodation In Mountains (Original Mix)Radik5:08
04Transparent Force (Original Mix)Radik5:01
05Blue Sunday (Original Mix)Owen Sound Attack5:23
06Dutch (Original Mix)Owen Sound Attack4:01
07Fallen (Original Mix)Owen Sound Attack5:24
08This Is Fire (Original Mix)Owen Sound Attack4:40
09Night Flight (Original Mix)Olga Maslova2:31
10On The Edge of The Earth (Dj Premium-Art Remix)Natalie Gioia6:09
11Lower Plane (Original Mix)Jack Rive6:22
12Amok (Original Mix)FunJack4:49
13Needs Colors (Original Mix)Ed Prymon5:32
14Ahh Ahh Baby (Original Mix)DJ MaDRullZ3:40
15Mamy (Davai, Davai) (Original Mix)DJ Asperant3:06
16Move It (Original Mix)DJ Asperant3:10
17Light Signals (Original Mix)Cyberfunk4:02
18Heated Hell (Original Mix)Titini6:59
19The Muzzle (Original Mix)Titini6:50
20Hard Buzz (Original Mix)Baron Destroy3:44

Release: VA-Best_Of_Sk_Pro_Records_Collection-SK0236-WEB-2017-PITY

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