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Download Slamophiliac-Perihelion-CD-2017-DiTCH Free
Artist: Slamophiliac
Title of Album: Perihelion
Genre: Death Metal
Year of Release: 2017
Tracks: 7
Total Time: 22 minutes and 58 seconds
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 282 Kbps
Total Size: 48.23 MB

# Song Title Artist Time
01 Extirpate Morality (feat. Roberto Granados) Slamophiliac 3:16
02 Insignificancy of Objective Ideals (feat. Bryon Johnson) Slamophiliac 2:54
03 Metaphysical World of Abstract Constructs (feat. Bob Shaw) Slamophiliac 3:36
04 Eternal Disappointment (feat. Cory Bouillon) Slamophiliac 3:21
05 Denial of Self (feat. Zack Glaeser) Slamophiliac 2:47
06 Contempt of Irrational Thought (feat. Zack Shaw) Slamophiliac 3:20
07 Total Annihilation Eminent (feat. Rich Fahringer) Slamophiliac 3:44

Release: Slamophiliac-Perihelion-CD-2017-DiTCH

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